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Zaffa shifted again. She isn’t allowed to front in this form because we’re reasonably certain she’ll give the body a migraine if she does. She’s… interesting. Seems more magical in nature than usual I guess, and she’s giving off this blue-black smoky haze stuff in headspace. It smells terrible. :| -Jim


Zaffa shifted again. She isn’t allowed to front in this form because we’re reasonably certain she’ll give the body a migraine if she does. She’s… interesting. Seems more magical in nature than usual I guess, and she’s giving off this blue-black smoky haze stuff in headspace. It smells terrible. :| -Jim


this is really cute *___*


this is really cute *___*

Jul 6


“I understand identifying with an animal or having animal-like urges but I have yet to hear of someone with a dog’s soul trying to eat his own poop, puke it up and eat it again. They always choose the more romantic animals/mythical beings and their cooler characteristics to identify themselves with, which is a thoroughly human behaviour.”

PiratePing, SA forums (via hypnoplasmids)

I find this amusing. I’m pretty sure I’ve eaten cat scat before. It’s a territorial thing. Also, mother wolves eat their young’s scat in order to keep the den clean. I also have urinated on people when in a mental shift. There are a lot of crude and ‘disgusting’ things about being an animal. One should never exclude those facts from daily therian life. We are who we are, shit eaters, pissers, and all. Another great thing about being part nonhuman? Having no shame. (:

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Ok, some people got quite butthurt over my last text post about therians/otherkin and trans ppl.

I didn’t need to be so rude, you’re right. Some parts (ok, most parts) of the text were really offensive, I get that. I could’ve chosen my words better, as I came off as a really damn immature brat (as I usually do when I get pissed). But my point still stands - there are some similarities between these kind of identities, but not enough to actually compare them to one another. I still don’t get the point in going through that shit over and over again.

And for the people who say “Ever heard of a therian/otherkin being KILLED because of their identity?” - No, I haven’t. Most of us realize how damn stupid our identities must sound to outsiders and stay quiet. And even when we do tell, lots of people tend to react with the “just a phase” or “just ignore them, they’re just crazy”-attitudes. No one takes us seriously (yet?), so we’re still mostly safe. Not from bullying and getting laughed at though. And I think we all know words can hurt just as bad. But yes, in a way, we have it a bit easier - or just different.

We’re so damn different there’s just no point in such huge, heated “discussion” (a.k.a shitstorm). 

So I’m still telling people to just drop the subject. Arguing about things as sensitive as personal identity is not going to lead anywhere.

Jun 5


what do you think a *kin pride flag would look like? what colors would you use?

Jun 5

...I'd follow you if I wasn't trying to forget that people actually call themselves "nonhumans". Species change is not a possible thing, kids - learn some basic genetics. But yeah, this blog's awesome. :D (Also, is there a blog like this for multiples?)

Thank you!

RE: multiples blog

I do not know! I think I have a couple multiple posts on the waiting list. Mostly fictive based.

Jun 5

Little do you know a some people in the otherkin community /gasps/ are trans. How bout that. Shhh its okay silly person shhh. Plus its taking what a few people have said and taking it as the WHOLE of us think this way. Thats just silly alright? I mean just because some white people rob stores , doesn't mean I think all white people want to rob stores. Because newsflash we are not all the same. I'm just saying. u A u this blog is really silly. shhh come here I will take care of you. Silly person.

This is in no way charming or clever. image






Jun 4




I just don’t get all the hate between trans and otherkin/therians.

“Omg you’re nothing like us, your experiences can’t be compared to ours!”

I mean, shut the fuck up. We’re all in wrong bodies in a way or another. We all get shit for it. We’re all afraid to open up about these things in the fear of getting mocked etc.

Of course there are some differences! Grow the fuck up and stop going for each others throats for those differences you fucking twats.

I just don’t get how this thing has gotten so damn out of hand. It’s not such a big deal. But my dash is full of this crap and I hate it.

This is the part where I’d like to ask how many otherkin have been killed or seriously injured for being a ~fox~ or ~dragon~. Go on. I’ll wait. Until then, stop comparing your bullshit to trans people. It’s offensive.

I’d like to quote the original poster on this. “Shut the fuck up.”

Why is it trans individuals always try to turn these types of posts into the Oppression Olympics. The original post never once mentioned the treatment each of us receives from society, it merely stated that our identity experiences are similar. Trans feel they were born with the wrong body, so do otherkin. Trans feel dissatisfied with the body their in, and sometime experience phantom sensations pertaining to how they identify, so do otherkin.

Otherkin aren’t well known to society yet, so there’s no frame of reference for what kind of flack society may give them, but I’ll bet you that when we do become well known, the shit’s going to switch from the trans community on to otherkin and they still won’t be happy. >_>



If you’re an animal in a human body, does this mean you’re attracted to animals? Like, if you’re an animal, i guess your beauty standards would be those of the animal you identify as, right? Do you experience physical attraction for humans? Does it register as something akin to zoophilia to you (only in the contrary?) i’ve been thinking this a lot lately and i’m seriously damn curious. 

I know a fair number of people who are attracted to animals in part, or in whole, because of their therianthropy. It’s a bit awkward to admit, but I am as well. Physically I’m attracted to animals, I find humans (especially males) to be a tad repulsive visually, though I’m okay with my husband because I fell in love with him for his nonphysical qualities.

Because of laws, and a sort of awkwardness I feel from having a different body, I would never try anything with an animal, despite that I find them more sexually appealing.

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